Thursday, May 3, 2012

Term 1 and 2 Learning Goals

So What: I think that I need to work on my first learning goal a little more. I need to discuss the different levels of the meanings a story can have.
Now what:I need to work on using the internet on information for my work on my second learning goal.
on my last reading goal I still need to work on discussing the effectiveness in the text.

So what:I think that I still need to work on the first goal and keep trying my best to achieve my goals. 
Now what:I think that I am nearly there on my second writing goal I still need to use paragraphs more often.
I am almost there but still need a little work.

So what: I am still working on my basic facts and still cant confidently recall them more accuracy and speed.
Now what:I still need to work on my second mathematics goal and I don't no my percentages.
I think I can nearly do my last mathematics goal.

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